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Isatel Russia is the first company of Intersputnik Holding, Ltd. established on the initiative of the member countries of Intersputnik. Isatel is an experienced player on Russia’s telecommunications market. Owing to the professionalism of its team and Intersputnik’s active support, the company is rapidly growing and has a well-established position in the telecommunications marketplace.

Apart from doing business as a telecommunications operator, Isatel acts as the base of the Intersputnik Holding international group, which includes subsidiaries in other countries that showed interest in Intersputnik’s new concept. In October 2007, the group was joined by Isatel LLC offering telecommunications services in Kyrgyzstan, and in 2008 by Isatel LLC in Tajikistan.


The Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications was established in 1971 under the intergovernmental Agreement of November 15, 1971 on the Establishment of the Intersputnik International System and Organization of Space Communications (hereinafter – ‘the Intersputnik Agreement’). It is an international intergovernmental organization headquartered in Moscow.

Today, Intersputnik unites 26 countries all over the globe from Latin America to South-East Asia and from Europe to Africa.

Intersputnik’s core business is leasing satellite capacity to telecommunications operators, broadcasters and corporate customers under agreements with partner operators as well as providing full-scale services for the establishment and operation of satellite networks through its subsidiary Intersputnik Holding, Ltd.


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