Isatel renders broad range of standard services on the basis of experience of many years of success implementation of scale projects in the area of satellite communication. 


  • Analysis of customer requirements, consultations on choosing of optimal hardware platform and satellite repeaters
  • Recommendations on satellite communication compatibility of with software and hardware customer infrastructure
  • Conduct of negotiations with manufacturers of equipment and owners of satellite repeaters
  • Representation of customer interests at state authorities responsible for authorization documents issue
  • Negotiation and conclusion of contracts for equipment supply and lease of satellite repeater resource in behalf of customer  


  • development of communication organization chart, description of interface nodes, assignment of zones of responsibility
  • budget calculating of satellite link, appraisal of necessary frequency and energy satellite resource
  • development of equipment configuration, preparation of detailed specifications of earth stations
  • development of network graphic of network creation, time evaluation of network deployment
  • project management, cooperation with subcontractors and providers at all project stages  

Supply of equipment  

  • supply of equipment from warehouse of manufacturer and from warehouse in the city of Moscow or in the city of Khabarovsk
  • complete with components and integration of equipment of different manufacturers
  • presales preparation of equipment and configuration boot
  • supply of equipment at the place of installation
  • different financial structures of equipment possession: hire purchase, leasing, rent
  • professional satellite antennas  

Installation, start-up and commissioning  

  • research of proposed installation place, installation place selection
  • development of recommendations for installation place preparation
  • installation place preparation
  • installation of equipment
  • testing and setting-up of equipment
  • delivery of station to operator
  • acceptance tests according to methods agreed with client  

Satellite resource rent

  • offer for lease of necessary satellite resource
  • short-term and long-term rent
  • provision of resources on demand
  • redundancy of satellite resource by alternative satellites
  • possibility to combine the resources of different satellites in one project  

Warranty and post-warranty service  

  • all equipment is provided by the warranty of manufacturer
  • the similar equipment is provided from buffer stock for ensuring continuous network operation over the repair period
  • operational service of network including remote monitoring and on-site control of specialists for failure correction
  • additional service packs increasing network readiness  

Project health check  

  • system effectiveness analysis in the course of regular operation mode
  • recommendations on network configuration
  • efficiency improvement and system enhancement  


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