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The efficient management of territorial subdivisions is possible only in the presence of modern information technologies but software perfection does not have expected effect if quality of communication with branches is not satisfactory or network is heterogeneous according to the tested technology or qualitative characteristics.

The application of broadband interactive satellite access allows connecting the geographically dispersed subdivisions into unified multiservice network and 100% using opportunities of modern information technologies as soon as possible. 

Network assignment  

The satellite broadband network can be used for connecting of separate branches to the available corporate network of customer or as complex solution unifying all subdivisions of the customer. Network provides wide range of applications for corporate management including: 

  • high-quality telephone communication exclusive of tariff between branches and head office
  • broadband access to central enterprise servers
  • Internet network logon
  • datacasting to infinite number of buyers
  • video conferencing, corporate TV broadcast etc.  

Частные корпоративные сети (SPN.CN)

The corporate communication network constructed with the use of proposed solution differs with unique scalability and allows developing from single on-demand channel with the capacity in several Kbit/s to wide-area network counting hundred branches with performance of several tens of Mbit/s. 

The satellite solution combines with use of ground communication networks effectively. These combined solutions not only ensure 100% coverage of branches and opportunity of prompt connection of newly created subdivisions, but also they can extend the possibilities of available ground channels providing them with on-line reservation and significantly offloading network traffic due to possibility of data broadcasting via satellite (IP Multicast). 

Description of solution

The terminal consists of antenna system and satellite router which is connected directly to the user LAN. The satellite stations can be also reequipped with the ports for telephony or Wi-Fi wireless access support module.

As a rule the head office of customer is connected to the Central Office by land line. Also satellite connection can be used.

All network satellite resource is available for subscriber terminals and dynamically distributed between them in accordance with the established levels of services and priorities (QoS). In the absence of data satellite terminals do not take up the system resource and it is distributed between working applications. The system supports data broadcasting from Central Office to remote satellite terminals. This information can be provided for infinite number of authorized users.   


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