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Satellite communication is the most effective solution of distribution of TV and radio programs. Signal distribution provides 100% population coverage irrespective of ground infrastructure, relief, climatic and seismic characteristics. 

Video and audio signals, which entry from regional offices, are compressed with the help of MPEG codec and directed in digital form to satellite with the help of interactive station. Compact interactive station (antenna 2.4 m) can be mounted directly in the territory of studio or transmitting center that provides high capacity and broadcast signal quality. As a rule this station is completed with automatic equipment protection.

Digital signal of DVB format is broadcasted from satellite to all coverage area and can be received by infinite number of users. Standard satellite stations (IRD) consisting of small antenna and DVB digital receiver are used for signals receiving form satellite. Digital receiver has digital and analog video/audio output and can be connected directly to aerial receivers or cable network.

Satellite band of approx. 4-6 MHz is required for broadcasting of one television program in MPEG format. Quantity of packet channels can be grown as necessary. Such networks can be modernized for rendering of services of Internet and telephony access, VSAT terminals are installed for this purpose instead of receiving stations.


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