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Further liberalization of Russian telecommunication market opens new prospects for fixed communication operators, in particular, rendering of services of local and area communication, domestic long distance and international long distance. However in accordance with working regulations of such networks construction, telecommunication enterprises should provide connection points in all territory of proposed activity. If there is, at least, duopoly in trunk channel market, then operators often deal with monopoly on ground communication channels while regional area network constructing. 

Laying of proprietary communication channels is quite difficult, at that expected traffic not always can provide investments recoupment. This service is meant for operators interested in rendering of services of fixed regional area communication with use of satellite channels.

Network assignment  

Satellite communication channels are the only way of operation formation of fixed regional area network communication with connection points facilitating in all urban settlements. VSAT terminals of stated network provide high capacity and support different types of interfaces and signalling notwithstanding compact size and low cost.

Satellite terminal is installed within one day and provide connection point of regional area operator in specific human settlement. In addition terminal can be used for rendering of services of telephony and data communication to the public and enterprises. Moreover satellite communication is perfect solution for this channel reservation and carrying out of Requirements for construction of public telephone communication network, even if there is a ground communication channel to connection point.

Схема организации сетидля операторов фиксированной связи

  • Antennas of 1,2..1,8 meters.
  • Central office capacity is above 70 Mbit/s (one carrying).
  • Terminal capacity is up to 9 Mbit/s, 1000 IP packets per second.
  • Maximum number of ports E1 (G-703) per one terminal device – 6 (then it is grown by cascade of terminal devices).
  • Quantity of voice trunks per one terminal device – 60 (then it is grown by cascade of terminal devices).
  • Integrated IP interface (Ethernet), optional analog telephone interfaces. 

Description of solution  

This solution feature is availability of special adapter unit which has one or more E1 G-703 interfaces and supports different types of signalling (EuroISDN, SS7). Also analog interfaces can be installed for connection of coin-box telephones and telephones of end users. Integrated IP port provides broadband access to LAN outer networks (Internet) and to other network stations that can be used for rendering of bundled services to the customer. Adapter unit ensures processing and compression of voice traffic and signalling, forming IP packets, which are transmitted via satellite network to Central Office, routed in corresponding connection point and converted to source digital stream with corresponding signalling with the help of similar adapter unit. The transfer of voice traffic to satellite network takes up minimal resource thanks to completed compression processor and halting speech optimization system. 


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