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Liberalization of telecommunication market opens new prospects for development of broadband, multiservice IP-networks for rendering of multimedia services to cable networks, alternative operator service providers and corporate clients.

Unified transport network is meant for delivery of TV programs, high-speed Internet access, data broadcasting and IP telephony. Support of modern and perspective video codec and telephony codec is fulfilled in the network.

Service assignment 

Broadband access service is meant for organization of Internet network broadband access or other digital networks access and developed for Internet service-providers (ISP), operators of IP telephony and mobile communication, owners of information portals, corporate clients etc.

Interactive and passive earth stations, installed in the territory of customer, and teleport of Isatel company in the city of Moscow are used for communication organization. The customer should provide the allocated digital IP channel to Isatel Teleport when passive terminal using.

Customer should install corresponding terminal for broadband access service rendering. Passive stations do not need getting of authorization documents and can be installed without limitations. Operators and service-providers gain Internet broadband access and can render their services as soon as possible in any place of country irrespective of available ground telecommunication infrastructures during use of satellite communication channels.

Internet broadband access can provide for customer with different interactive services. Thanks to high-speed data communication and high volume of communicated information ensured by broadband connection, such connection can serve for the organization of “packet” rendering of services wherein services of cable television, video-on-demand, voice communication, transmission and receiving of data and other services are rendered in one communication line.


  • Video: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMA
  • Voice/Internet: different levels QoS, compression of overheads  


  • from 40 Kbit/s to 60 Mbit/s per one transponder (36 MHz)
  • Support of multicast and unicast  


  • Direct IP broadcasting via satellite (IPoS)
  • Modern methods of coding and modulation (DVB-S2 compliant)  


  • Capability of available infrastructure communication (dial-up, VPN, ADSL)
  • Broadband backward channel via satellite   


  • Regular data updating and data occlusion on local servers
  • Prioritization of broadcasting traffic in real time   


  • Support of traditional digital TV broadcasting for gradation to new transport platform    

Широкополосный доступ в Интернет (BIP.INM)

Solution description  

Terminal network device for Internet broadband access granting is VSAT transmitter-receiver station which provides duplex communication via satellite. VSAT station consists of powered antenna and frequency converter, satellite modem and router. Direct network connection can be created with the use of ground communication channels as well as by connecting to Internet-provider using different backward channelizing schemes.

Customer installs receiving equipment set containing antenna and digital receiver in his territory Connection unbalance is determined directly by operator that helps him to bring to the maximum the configuration of external channel to available network demands. User interactive network terminal ensures accessing to integrated set of communication services: broadband Internet, IP telephony, IP television broadcasting, access to multimedia libraries. Terminal is installed on the head-end station of operator network and can support different connection versions of operator end users: cable network, ADSL, Ethernet networks.

Terminal equipment consists of servers providing safe video materials storage for VOD services, auto update of libraries, channels programming, access authorization etc. Payment of all used services is made by means of single centralized payment system.  


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