Teleport services in the city of Moscow (SVC.TPM)

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Isatel provides Russian and foreign communication providers as well as corporate clients with necessary technology platform for satellite network construction and organization of telecommunication services on its basis.  

Proposed solution includes Teleport and Operations department and allows solving the following tasks: 


  • lease of allocated communication channels with connection to main switch nodes in the city of Moscow including to M9 point of presence, as well as to points of presence of wide range of Internet providers and VoIP services providers
  • access to variety of geostationary satellites and offer for lease of space segment capacity
  • communication of remote branches of corporate clients to central office in the city of Moscow
  • provision with Teleport resource for receive and transmit of satellite channels
  • traffic switching from satellite to satellite, retransmission of broadcast channels
  • equipment hot redundancy and 24 hour support service
  • on-line monitoring system of operational networks and leased frequency and energy resource
  • switching room resources lease, Internet, PSTN (public switched telephone network), VoIP connectivity  

Телепорт Исател старый

Operations department  

  • afterhours support of customers
  • monitoring and remote control of satellite communication client networks
  • performance of works in installation and service of VSAT-terminals of the customer  

As a rule provided service is unified lease service of satellite communication channel and includes: 

  • analysis of requirements and technology selection
  • supply of necessary equipment of User Station, its installation, commissioning and start-up at the prepared site of the Customer, further service.
  • offer for lease of necessary satellite resource
  • offer for lease of Teleport resources for organization of external network communication escape and/or traffic switching back to satellite network including to other communication satellites
  • hosting: Customer equipment layout on Teleport, use of servers for location of Web-pages and data bases of Customer 

Services can be rendered in package as well as separately. In particular it is possible to rent only Teleport technical tools for communication organization with use of available Customer satellite capacity. Also specialist of Operations department can be involved for installment and/or maintenance of satellite communication networks that not necessarily use Operator Teleport.

Description of Teleport technical capabilities  

Available content of RF transmit-receive, baseband and switching equipment of Teleport allows to organize digital communication channels of different configuration. Transmit-receive equipment has automatic protection 1:1 excluding system outages.

Baseband equipment supports different types of antinoise coding and modulation types for SCPC and MCPC channels. It is possible to organize the channels with demand accessing TDM/TDMA or MF-TDMA. Baseband equipment has output interfaces allowing connecting it directly to external communication networks directly and/or to switching equipment of Operator.

Switching equipment ensures switching and routing of client traffic to different communication networks with Teleport connection.

Digital channels parameters supported by Teleport

Information rate: from 32 Kbit/s to 52 Mbit/s

Types of antinoise coding: TPC, Viterbi, Reed-Solomon, LDPC, BCH

Modulation types: BPSK, QPSK, 8-PSK, 16-QAM 


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