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Further business development strategy of mobile phone service providers is based on the hard-to-reach entry, where there are potential subscribers, as well as on the introduction of new broadband services in available networks. However there is a risk that these new strategic projects are not recouped, for example, because of insufficient traffic in these sparsely populated regions where there is high cost of organization of necessary communication channels.  

Use of satellite technologies in combination with the modern methods of GSM network traffic processing allows to deploy rapidly the mobile phone networks in hard-to-reach regions, at that operating costs for communication channels organization will correspond to real traffic in these networks ensuring maximal recoupment.

Undeniable advantage of satellite technologies is the possibility of dynamic reallocation of network resource between different areas and service types. Thus communication channels in hard-to-reach regions, available land lines redundancy, as well as broadband communication for GSM networks can use effectively unified network capacity. 

Выделенная сеть для операторов GSM (SPN.GSM)

Network assignment  

Satellite terminals support А, Е, A.ter and A.bis interfaces and can be used at any GSM subnetwork ensuring traffic between MSC Switching Center and controllers of base stations BSC as well as connection of remote base stations BTS to controller BSC.

In all cases maximum efficiency of network resource use is ensured thanks to intelligent processing of GSM-networks traffic. In particular, TDM data is converted into packet, signaling data compression, inhibition of backup data in TCH channel, dynamic reallocation of resource between active telephone connections and other network services, SS7 protocol imitation etc. is carried out. Compatibility with GSM equipment of primary manufacturers is provided. This solution is optimal for 3G networks construction. 

Description of solution  

Antenna system of satellite terminal is mounted on the roof, building wall, GSM antennas are pole-mounted. Satellite router is located in switch room in proximity to GSM network equipment, to which it is connected by А, Е, A.ter and A.bis interface. Additional LAN interfaces can be used for connection of broadband services to GSM network or for specific targets of mobile operator.

Satellite terminal ensures processing and compression of voice traffic and signaling, forming IP packets, which are transmitted via satellite network to Central Office, where they are routed in connection point to available controller of base stations or to mobile communication switching center.  


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